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M10 & Cleannotts

a partnership committed to cleanliness.


A new white paper has been released by a leading industry support service provider which demonstrates how important cleaning can contribute to a significant increase in member satisfaction within the fitness industry.

 The paper ‘Improve member satisfaction by 10% through creating a cleaner fitness environment.’

 The paper found that cleanliness was cited as one of the most common sources of complaint. In one study, 88% of people said they wouldn’t use a gym or athletic facility if it had cleanliness issues, in another, 44% of people would be encouraged to use leisure centres if they had improved their facilities.

 Clearly, cleanliness is a big deal to consumers and staff alike. The delivery of a strategic cleaning service can be a direct means of adding value, which creates brand loyalty and contributes to the bottom line.

 “Our clients expect high standards of cleanliness, Cleannotts delivers not just a service that is consistent in quality, they are also flexible in their working patterns too. We are an operation that is open 7 days a week, 6.30am till 10pm, so we require a cleaning service to compliment this.”

Tracey Hopkinson

General Manager M10



As soon as you enter M10 through the glass doors and stop at the reception, you immediately realise that cleanliness is an important part of management policies. You are greeted with a well-polished shiny reception desk, everything is neat and tidy and all the trophies are dusted.

As you look around the open plan gymnasium you can see the equipment is well looked after and the floor is well maintained.

Cleannotts make sure that doors are finger mark free; the reception is sanitised, cleaned and polished.

A general tidy is normally done, making sure nothing is moved out the way so items can be located. We dust all merchandise and trophies, then hoover and mop this area with a perfumed polish floor cleaner.

 The gymnasium area needs constant attention; equipment is dusted, polished and sanitised. The flooring is thoroughly vacuumed then treated with a rubber floor solution and mirrors are mark free. Windows and ledges are also wiped clean.

Our experience means along with listening to customers we are able to anticipate the needs of our clients and by using this proactive approach we can save them both time and money.

Our flexible and innovative approach to meeting the needs of client’s means that we can provide specific cleaning services as part of a continuous cleaning contract or as a one off operation. By utilising the best industry chemical products and equipment and well trained staff that offer the most effective cleaning methods available, we can offer real solutions, delivered efficiently and economically.

 The shower/changing room area is naturally an important place to get the hygiene to the right standard. Our methods are very effective, resulting in clean, bacteria free amenities.

 Jet washing – deck and tile scrubbing gets to the heart of the dirt, removing it effectively. Cleaning drains regular, removing hair and body fat debris, toilets are cleaned daily, we use an embossed paper to clean as this is disposable and much more hygienic than cloths that have a potential of harboring harmful bacteria. We pay every attention on a daily basis to create a clean, fresh and hygienically sound environment.

 Going to the gym is seen as being good health and well being, yet research has shown that they can be breeding ground for potentially dangerous bacteria and infections. Bacteria can thrive on gym equipment as well as changing rooms, floors and in showers  for days.

 The offices and staff kitchen receive the same full attention from the staff at Cleannotts, cleaning desk and sanitising, emptying bins, full dusting including skirting’s, tidying, vacuuming and perfuming, leaving a lasting impression.

 Cleannotts continually develop its operational model and delivery methods to ensure the company continues to meet clients diverse and evolving needs. Our commitment to quality is really important to us, and providing our clients with confidence in our services is a task that we continually make our mission.


“The professional cleaning services offered by Cleannotts really make a difference for us, not having this worry means I can concentrate on the day to day business of running M10.”

 Tracey Hopkinson – General Manager M10

Clean Notts guarantee to beat any like for like quotation