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The look of your carpet can define the overall appearance of your property. From ensuring a professional-looking office environment for staff and visitors to creating a homely, comfortable feel in your home, maintaining the health and hygiene of your carpets is a step many want to take. However, deep cleaning your carpets can be extremely time-consuming and challenging to undertake yourself without the proper equipment and skills.


If you’re looking for the best carpet cleaning Nottingham company, Clean Notts are here to help.

When Should I Use Carpet Cleaning Nottingham Professional Services?


When thinking about using carpet and upholstery cleaners Nottingham experts, you may feel unsure if your carpets need a deep clean or not.


Here are 10 signs and situations to consider.


  1. You would like to freshen up the look of your carpets for a cleaner, healthier-looking environment to live or work in.
  2. You want to give the right first impression of your property.
  3. You have areas of high traffic (especially in offices where shoes are worn) in which particles will be worked deep into the carpet fibres on a daily basis.
  4. Your carpets are starting to look unkempt or there are tough-to-remove stains present.
  5. You’re moving house and need end of tenancy cleaning Nottingham
  6. You’re moving to new commercial premises and would like an end of lease cleaning Nottingham
  7. There are odours coming from your carpet.
  8. You want the peace of mind that bacteria, germs and allergens have been removed from your carpet.
  9. You want to extend the life of your carpet.
  10. You need the job done right the first time in an efficient and timely manner.


Working with Clean Notts

For high quality, professional cleaning services for both homes and office cleaning Nottingham requirements, Clean Notts provides solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you require regular cleaning services, a professional deep clean or even emergency stain removal, we’re here to help.

As part of our cleaning services Nottingham expertise, we offer the following benefits.


–  Bespoke Solutions

We understand flexibility is essential, offering out of hours cleaning to ensure minimal disruptions. All of our services are tailored to your needs from regular, contracted cleaning to a one-off job.


– Deep Cleaning

Using the most advanced chemicals and steam cleaners on the market, we provide a deeper and longer-lasting clean. This uses a powerful hot water extraction method, reaching temperatures of up to 120 degrees. We also pre-treat tough stains and use professional carpet shampoos to sanitise your carpet, removing odours and particles to leave carpets looking and smelling fresh.


–  Skilled Cleaners

We produce fantastic results by training our fully-vetted team to the highest of standards. All of our staff are polite, reliable and well-managed, understanding that skills and communication are the key to delivering a first class cleaning service. From domestic to commercial cleaning Nottingham based services, we have the technical knowledge to deal with any needs you have quickly and efficiently.

Getting in Touch

We provide competitive pricing, a free site visit and no-obligation quotations. For the highest quality carpet cleaning Nottingham has to offer, get in touch with our expert team now.



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