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When you first lay a new carpet, we all know and love that initial appearance and feel, but this never lasts forever. Dirt, dust and other particles are worked deeply into the fibres as people walk across the carpet, tarnishing that once-fresh look. The same applies to upholstery as people use furniture, transferring particles onto the fabric. Unfortunately, this can leave both homes and commercial properties looking in need of carpet and upholstery cleaners Nottingham based services.


Luckily, a fresh, clean look can be restored with professional cleaning services Nottingham.


Why Choose Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners Nottingham Services to Transform Your Office or Home?


To maintain your carpets as much as possible, we recommend regular vacuuming and a clean and tidy area. However, in areas of high traffic where shoes are worn (especially in offices), particles such as pollen, dirt, dust and food are crushed into the carpet fibres.


Reasons you may choose to get your carpet and upholstery cleaned include for end of tenancy cleaning Nottingham houses, end of lease cleaning Nottingham if leaving your current office space or having a regular deep clean to maintain the look, health and lifespan of your carpets.


During a professional clean, experts use high quality cleaning systems which don’t just remove particles but leave your carpet looking and smelling fresh. This is achieved by steam cleaning at high temperatures and sanitising with the best carpet shampoos. Using such methods kills off harmful bacteria and germs which may be living in your carpet and furniture, ensuring they’re left in a healthy condition. Upholstery cleaning uses safe and gentle techniques to lift dirt and allergens to the surface of the fabric to achieve a deep clean without damaging your furniture.


Professional Cleaning Services: See the Difference


As a dedicated domestic, commercial and office cleaning Nottingham company, here at Clean Notts, we provide the highest quality of cleaning services. We believe the look of your property should reflect the image you want to portray in your home or business, making the right first impression with visitors, customers and guests. It also ensures we create a comfortable environment for those who live or work at the property such as a homely feel in your house or providing your team with a professional, clean environment to work in.


What we’ll do for you:


  • Offer tailored solutions for your cleaning needs
  • Out of hours service available at no extra cost
  • Create spotless and professional-looking environments day in day out
  • Extend the life of your carpet and upholstery
  • Pride ourselves on the small details which make a big impact
  • Fully trained, well-managed & polite staff
  • Communicate needs to each team member working at your property
  • Offer both domestic and commercial cleaning Nottingham


For any upholstery and carpet cleaning Nottingham requirements, we use the best professional equipment and chemicals on the market. This involves pre-treatment to remove tough stains, sanitising with shampoo and using a hot water extraction method for impressive results.


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